Gigs coming up


The O2 is the apollo.
It’s actually not a bad venue. It has a sloped floor which is better if they remove the seating. It’s a bit out of town in a slightly dodgy area. It’s bleak around there. You’d go to the gig and go back to town after. Leave some spare time as last time I was there was pre-bomb, and they were still body and bag searching everyone. I’d imagine it will be the same for this. I’d not walk there from town really. You’d be safe enough, but it’s not a nice walk.
Enjoy anyhow.


Is there Uber in Manchester?


Yep. There’s absolutely loads of them. Prebook available too. I get them everywhere.
There’ll be a load of people walking back into town after anyhow, if you can’t get one. It’s just that ardwick isn’t very nice.


I’m in Glasgow now battling pneumonia before tonight’s gig.


On slight caution. Loads drive prius’s and have similar names. Just double check the regulations plate. I e got in the wrong one before, despite showing him my booking. It’s a nightmare for the driver more than you.


The Gloaming are playing only 4 shows next year. All of them in the NCH next March. Tickets go on sale next Friday. I’m not a fan myself btw.

Cc @farmerinthecity


Thanks Fagan.

I’m not too bothered by them. I’m only really a fan of Hayes/Cahill and they are still doing their own shows away from the Gloaming hype.


Saw them this year in same venue. Enjoyable but would not rush back to see them I think. Piano player likes a bottle of wine.


The word ‘shaper’ was defined for that clown.

He seems to be a free lance piano player. He was involved with the National before.


Tickets purchased for Franz Ferdinand in the Olympia in Feb


Dan patlansky was warm up act here. Kids loved it. Awesome guitarist.


After insinuating myself up the front of a gig again


Saw The War on Drugs Friday Night, decent gig.

The Barrowlands is still a brilliant venue, hasn’t changed a patch between there and my last attendance of 10+ years ago. Bit of a dive facilities wise but it’s a very intimate arena and the sound is cracking.

The gig was good, An Ocean Between The Waves tore the place down and they had a very good setlist. Not sure they really did it for me though, certainly not for a standing gig. I actually have grown to dislike that Red Eyes song. I reckon they’d be a great band to catch at a mid-sized seated arena like the Olympia or that.

I’ll give it a solid 7/10.


It was ambling along as a 7/10 for me until they burned it up with a 15 minute version of Under the Pressure drenched with feedback and fuzz. That put it into the 8.5/10 for me.

As an aside Charlie Hall must be one of the best drummers on the circuit.


Good shout on the Uber @flattythehurdler. Cheap as chips.


The Streets are playing the Olympia on 16 April. Tickets on sale this Friday.*


on saleWednesday.
And playing two gigs 16th and 17th


Thought it was Wednesday? Playing 2 dates.


Yeah you are right


Gorillaz last night was class. I just bought tickets to see them again in Dublin in the summer.


I’m at the 3Arena currently. A lass called Juanita Stein has played 3 songs so far.

Brutal beyond belief.