Gigs coming up


The audience too, I could be the youngest person here,
Hope he does Martha, he does it better than Tom Waits, excellent gig so far.


Is it a lesbian hen night?


U2 after party in Robertas. Use this to get in


Zuckerburg is in the building


Off to the celeb spotting thread with you. You’d want to be firing a few pics up as well


The bhoys have arrived.


:grinning: The metal is still on, best of both worlds tonight.


The only reason I can think of to attend a major concert after-show party is for the drugs.

The only drugs on offer at a U2 after-show party are eltroxin and propecia.


Reporting live from the Triskel where Freddy White is tearing it up.


Tsk Tsk

Its Freddie. Rookie mistake


I couldn’t tell ya, mate… I’m just running the bar for the sister in law… great venue for a gig.


Ah i am just jealous. Chill and enjoy. Freddie is a treasure


Enjoyable enough so far… Great sound from the old church.


Make sure to ask for Martha, Desperado waiting for a train or Dry Land when he throws it open to the audience,
Freddie is top class.


The Pet Shop Boys are coming to Dublin


Just opened the second half here with Martha


Pure beauty right there, Freddie does it lovely, the voice is more pleasant than Tom’s and he’s the perfect age to sing that song,


Does he sing any of his own songs or is he just a covers artist?


TFK jamboree?


why not brah

Can you look after the weed the e & the poppers?