Gigs coming up


Was at the Riptide Movement in Ballykeeffe Amphitheater. Great venue.


I’ll lend you mine.


That’s a good pal right there.


Looking forward to primal scream at the groove festival, nice day out, shocking line up but nice vibe.


DJ Daithi, lethal, the lad who does the big farm of land in Carron tune, rips into the fiddle mid set, gotta love him.


He’s class. And primal scream are great live. Enjoy.


Seems Kasabian pulled the plug on their Belfast gig very late last night.


The support act had already played!


Supposed illness trotted out as reason. You’d be sick alright.


You’d be fair sick to be going to see Kasabian in the first place.


Just been informed I have a free ticket to electric picnic so I suppose I’m going now. Hup :pint:


I’m not going to the EP now. Sold my ticket.


The line up is utter shit.


That yolk is some gathering of snowflakes .


I went through the entire extended line up and there was nothing that grabbed my attention. Then Waterford got to the All Ireland and that was that.


No brainer in that regard alright. While there are loads of stages and bands etc, the line ups on the main stage on the Saturday and Sunday are vomit inducing.


Main stage line up Sunday night.

10.45-12.00 Duran Duran
9.00-10.00 Elbow
7.15-8.15 Chaka Khan
5.45-6.45 The Pretenders
4.15-5.15 Rag N’ Bone Man
2.30-3.30 The Skatalites
1.00-2.00 Dublin Gospel Choir

That’s what’s known as taking the fucking piss.


Saturday night is no better. And they’ve signed up for another 10 years. Creaming it in.


I wasn’t sure which order I was supposed to be reading that in . But sure elbow will play "one day like this " and it’ll be mind blowing


I had taken that as a given. My county isn’t even playing and I’m still hoping to leave early enough to get back for the game on Sunday. I’m really looking forward to run the jewels and especially a tribe called quest. The history of hip hop thing with the symphon orchestra should be good, and a friend is singing in it. After that I am confident there will be enough craic about the place to keep me diverted.