Giro 09

For the first time in living memory this could well be the most high profile of the grand tours next year. With Armstrong, Basso, Cunego and Sastre all confirmed for it the field could well outstrip Le Tour in terms of quality (though looks considerably more suspect than the Tour). Promises to be fascinating to see how Armstrong rides in his first ever Giro and his first grand since Tour of 2005. Am I being cynical when I link his decision to ride this event and the lack of proper doping controls in this race compared to Le Tour? Added to that Armstrong’s perhaps somewhat favourable relationship with race organiser RCS and he may find a warm welcome at the race compared to reception he could get in France.
Anyway below are latest odds from Paddy on it. The full route is yet to be confirmed but Giro is usually extremely difficult though there are a fair few tt km’s this year which should suit Menchov, Armstrong, Leipheimer more than usual.

Armstrong 2 - 1
I Basso 11 - 4
D Cunego 6 - 1
D Menchov 8 - 1
D Di Luca 8 - 1
C Sastre 10 - 1
G Simoni 12 - 1
J Van Den Broeck 25 - 1
L Leipheimer 12 - 1
A Kloden 25 - 1
F Pellizotti 20 - 1
V Nibali 25 - 1
M Bruseghin 20 - 1
T Valjavec 40 - 1
S Garzelli 22 - 1
D Pozzovivo 50 -

Each Way Odds 1/4 places 1,2,3
ollowing are latest odds for it anyway.

Levi at 12-1 looks half decent. Cunego and Menchov invariably fuck up, no one really knows how Armstrong and Basso ae going to race and along with Sastre I’m assuming they are really interested only in the TdF.

Di Luca is pure scum. Really makes a mockery of the whole race.


Di Luca is pure scum. Really makes a mockery of the whole race.[/quote]

Singling out Di Luca is ridiculous!

An all out dope wars between these guys could be a good spectacle, hard to call a winner at this point.

Alright alright I take it back…they’re all a pack of cheating scumbags. :wink:

Di Luca is the scummiest of them all however.

[quote=“Turenne”]Alright alright I take it back…they’re all a pack of cheating scumbags. :wink:

Di Luca is the scummiest of them all however.[/quote]

That’s better.

I think Di Luca is probably best value there at 8-1 but they’re crap odds across the board considering how long it is until the race. It’s a fucking disgraceful field anyway - they may as well allow Ricco in too.

I see Armstrong as announced he’s riding Le Tour definitely.

Vinokourov, Landis, Hamilton might as well have 'em all there. I’d back Basso from that list. Armstrong will use it as preparation for the Tour and Basso will probably cut a deal with him to support him in the Tour in exchange for Giro support. The fact that Basso was out all last season doesn’t matter, he will be well prepared for the Giro (ahem).

Don’t think Basso is riding Le Tour. Giro is on earlier next year so challenge to win both tours isn’t as demanding as previous years perhaps.
The field does look real suspect doesn’t it. Hopefully Garminwill send a decent team as they appear to be cleanest team out there.

Armstong supposedly met ASO last week and has said things have changed with them which doesn’t sound positive at all as regards cleansing of the sport. hard to imagine ASO continuing their hardline anti doping stance now which is a real shame and will set the sport back years imo. as an aside being looking at few pics from astana training camp. i would love to see them getting whooped next year however unlikley that is. for some reason i love seeing certain guys fail in cycling more than i like to see others succeed. kind of opposite to supporting a team i suppose. armstrong wears different training gear from rest of them. i suspect nike will have arranged some sort of sponsorship deal with astana by next year. despite all negative comments regarding doping above i can’t wait for the giro and tour next year.

Quite funny link to ESPN passage below. They mention Leipheimer as an unidentified teammate of Armstrong. Podium finishes in Grand Tours obvioulsy isn’t enought for ESPN’s cycling department.

I’m shocked…

Armstrong set to begin training without anti-doping site in place

DENVER (AP) — Lance Armstrong is set to start training camp this week without having subjected himself to tests by the anti-doping expert he teamed with and with no deal in place to post results of those tests online.

When the seven-time Tour de France champion announced his comeback earlier this year, he partnered with renowned anti-doping expert Don Catlin to set up a testing program. Catlin said he thought it was important to make those results available to the public.

Catlin told The Associated Press this weekend that while Armstrong has been placed back in the testing pools at both the U.S. Anti-Doping Agency and International Cycling Union, he has yet to test him and that a plan to document Armstrong’s results online is not in place.


Interesting article from cycling fans anonymous on the U-23 Road Race winnder Fabio Duarte…

Colombian rider Fabio Duarte was just 18 when he siezed the lead at the 2006 Vuelta a Colombia. Riding for the Orbitel-EPM team (aka Une-Orbitel or just Une), the baby-faced Duarte took the leader’s jersey on stage 8 and thus, it seemed, loudly announced his precocious and promising talent. Perhaps to his detriment. Over the next stages, a tiring Duarte fought desperately to hold onto the jersey against older, more experienced riders. Eventually he lost the lead on stage 13. Duarte finished the tough 15-stage tour in fourth place overall. At what cost?

As a team, Une was not exactly known as clean. Their team doctor was Dr. Alberto Beltrn, the premier doping doctor in Colombia, whose expertise is not exactly a secret. (Just ask Gianni Savio.) A well-informed observer traveling with the Colombian race in 2006 watched Duarte struggle to keep the lead, and later stated, “Beltrn probably took years off his life during the event to keep him in the race lead. God knows what they pumped him full of: blood transfusions, testosterone, the works. He was eighteen at the time - not child abuse, just.” Described as obviously vulnerable and naive by those who have interviewed him, did Duarte even have a chance to escape the doping scourge of his sport? It seems unlikely. Doomed by his talent and love for the bike? Consider also that in 2005, during that year’s Tour of Colombia, one of Duarte’s training partners, a young rider from his village with whom he grew up, was killed. Can we blame Duarte for taking the rare chance for success when he had it?


good read that turenne. thanks for the link.

Cadel Evans has announced he too plans to ride Giro next year. Also rumours that route next year will feature a 61 km time trial which would be the longest time trial ever in the event. Seems RCS are not just desparate for an Armstrong participation but badly want him to win the GC. One thing that annoys me is that all the top riders seem dirty as each other. Not like the tour where this year you can be confident about some of the guys in the top ten.

Cracking interview with king cunt himself.

Kimmage said he had his photograph taken. [note: CW acknowledges that this is wrong he was reported in Jeremy Whittle’s book Bad Blood as having his photograph taken.
Kimmage is a joke.

He’s a respected sports writer.

Official route was announced today. Begins with a team time trial and ends with a twenty km individual time trial. Right in the middle comes a whopper 61km time trial which will suit Armstrong completely. There are six mountain top finishes which seems a high number. Route is bound to suit Armstrong though and at 2/1 his odds are quite generous imo(he appears to be training well).

Nearly puked reading that there. Cheers Thrawneen for posting it up. God forbid I’ll ever get cancer but I’d hate to think that cunt was representng me if I had it.

Armstrong is now 8/1 to win Giro. Considering the route being almost ideal for him it seems very very generous. Don’t think his preparation will be that badly affected by his recent crash either. Not sure I could bring myself to cheer for him though so probably won’t back him.

It’s a good price. He won’t have enough racing in his legs though.

But sure Armstrong has rarely raced much before a Grand Tour. Also looking at the other favourites and I don’t fancy Cunego to do much really, Basso will have to be careful on his return and can’t see him beating Armstrong if it is close between the two. Long timetrial rules Di Luca out. Who do you fancy to win it?