Glasgow Derby - Huns v Celtic

What are we thinking for this one, bhoys?

I’m expecting Brown and Stokes to be fit but Kelvin Wilson pulled up late on last night and there’s speculation he’ll be out with a hamstring injury.

I’d go with:

Matthews, K Wilson*, Mulgrew, El Kaddouri,
Brown, Kayal, Ki, Ledley,
Stokes, Hooper.

  • Loovens if not fit.

Might be harsh on James Forrest actually.

Wrong thread I know… But I will be in Glasgow for the first time next weekend and just wondering what the chances of picking a ticket up outside the ground would be like for the inverness game if the fancy took me?

piss easy to get a ticket

I hope I’m wrong but I expect Lennon to go 4-5-1.

No problem getting a ticket for that one CM.

Not sure what the ticket office situation is on match days but it will be far from a sellout anyway.

I think I’d start Forrest Bandage. Either for Stokes or for Brown. I might be tempted by:

Matthews, K Wilson Mulgrew, El Kaddouri,
Forrest, Kayal, Ki, Ledley, Brown
but I’d hate the very similar formation with Brown on the right and Forrest on the left. Would be vital that Ki, Forrest and Brown get up in support of Hooper to ensure we’re not too defensive.

No problem with the team you selected though and as harsh as your team is on Forrest, the team above is equally harsh on Stokes.

As easy as for a Rovers European game?

Plenty of Twitter commentary saying Stokes has been ruled out with his thigh injury.

I would really like Lennon to play with 2 strikers and take the game to them but I also reckon he’ll go with 4-5-1.

We picked that strong midfield 4 in the final league game last season, which effectively incorporated 2 central players in Brown and Ledley playing tucked in on the respective flanks. I imagine Neil was aiming to control midfield possession and the whole tempo of the game but the huns didn’t even try to engage us in midfield.

They simply launched a concerted series of punts from the keeper and defence over the midfield and directly up to Jelavic and Lafferty from start to finish with Naismith sniffing around for second balls too. They discomfited Majstorovic and Mulgrew quite a lot and I think we were fairly fortunate not to concede.

I would expect them to go similarly direct again and that’s why I believe it’s important that Kelvin Wilson is fit. We need to be commanding in those aerial battles rather than allowing them to win freekicks in advanced areas and/or get a footprint in the match in our half through nothing more than long punts.

I haven’t yet seen any reliable team news coming through, however.

I strongly suspect that we line out very similarly to Thursday night, two decisions that Lennon will be required to make are whether he goes for El Kaddouri at left back, moving Mulgrew in or whether he goes for Loovens and keeps Mulgrew at left back. I think the other decision he will have to make is between Samaras and Forrest for the left wing spot - assuming Brown is fit. I fully expect Hooper to be the lone striker. I will be disappointed if Stokes is again overlooked if fit and available. I believe he is our best and most creative striker.

So the Scottish media are being responsible in their reporting ahead of tomorrow’s derby given the attacks on Neil last year:

Celtic cutting ties with the daily ranger

“Clearly, given the year Neil Lennon and his family have experienced – with bombs, bullets, death threats and physical assaults – this kind of reporting is inflammatory, highly irresponsible and quite simply offensive. For this newspaper to treat the matter in this insensitive and ill-judged manner is astonishing…”

Neil Lennon, his coaching staff and the Celtic players are very disappointed at this reporting and have jointly decided that they will not be co-operating with journalists from The Daily Record.”

Time to get psyched:

Happy with Celtic’s statement.

That video is one of the best ever. Brilliant memories. :clap:

Matched by this history. Music ties into the clips brilliantly. Tomorrow by James is a wonderful, wonderful song.

The Catholic Irish, having educated themselves out of the ghetto, are prominent in the law, politics, academia and journalism. And into this has come a ginger-headed, Irish Catholic captain and manager of Celtic FC. He is bellicose when once he would have been benign; he gets up when once he would have stayed down; he rolls with the punches and comes out fighting. There are some in Scotland who are raging against the dying of the light and Lennon has become a lightning rod for their fury.

Nice summation.

Not totally confident about tomorrow. Need to see the team news - haven’t seen any reports since about K WIlson’s fitness.

Lack of definitive information. Not sure on Brown, Stokes or K Wilson.

They’re missing Weir, Wallace, Bartley and Ness. We’ve no definite absentees but Brown and Stokes seem more than likely to be in contention.

They will probably line-up as:





Not sure if they’ll play Lafferty up front which would allow Wylde and Naismith to play as wingers or if they’d play Wylde and Lafferty as wingers with Naismith in behind Jelavic. Or they could drop Wylde entirely and play McCulloch or Ortiz.

I’ve watched that three times now and I’m glassy-eyed with the Tomorrow section.