Golf Betting


Shane will do it for us lads. It’s between him and Rory McIlroy.


I would all day. I love nothing better than being hungover free and getting up early to watch the European tour on a Sunday morning.


I feel dirty posting this link but anyway


I thought Fred Couples was dead.

And Ernie Els has turned into Freddie Krueger.


I dont it understand it myself…but I like that post pal.

You’re a gas man.


I’d love to see Tiger win his 15th major.


The idea of @AppleCrumbled bring hangover free on a Sunday morning is so ludicrous that it begs the question is he taking the piss?


Pubezilla in the drink here.


@Bandage’s favourite BIFFO is turning it on


I’ve every faith in that guy.


I am who I am and i don’t really care what people think of me.


Rory dry but Rahm in the drink. Mad going for that flag on a day like today.


Third favourite with PP right now. :eek:


Rory back in business. :ronnyroar:


Hoffmann nearly out the gate here.


Absolutely, I’d rarely have a bet tbh.

Woods isn’t playing by the way


Signing in. I love the masters. If you can’t watch a "sport " without having a bet, then it’s not a sport


Hoffman is all over this


Can’t see him winning it but that’s some round in difficult conditions.


He will fill the togs over the next few days