Golf Betting


Is he black?




Charles Howell III, aka Chucky Three-Sticks to his mates; is probably the man you’re thinking of.


That’s the very man.



Don’t ever post in a golf thread again


Get fucked Bluster Boy.


Berger, Casey, Scott & Koepka in the three balls today


Anyway to watch it currently???


Red button on Sky Sports


Mcilroy like a train.


And Hoffman falling to bits!


I’d take any price about rory again absolute good thing.


10/11/12 today will tell alot!!


How’s the Irish guy doing?


Needs to make a shot back to stay around for the weekend.


I’m sorry for being mean. I hope we can be e-friends, mate.


Anyone any money on Mickelson? This is made for him


14/1 each way on Adam Scott. Pp paying 4 places 1/5 the odds. He’s outright 7th and 3 behind the leader. He’s coming in slightly under the radar today. Cracking each way bet. Been there and done it before too.


Snap, mate.

Think he’s a serious price & is playing extremely steady.

Any chance pube head will shoot 62 for us? :frowning:


Id say he’ll give us a right good chance on the cash out market for sure. Doubt he’ll go and do it tho.