Golf Betting


Total cunt. Fowler wins it from here imo


If the wind that’s promised does come it won’t suit fowler


Fowler is a good wind player, placed twice in the British Open for a start


I think it’s the pour rain didn’t see anybody talking about the wind forecast


Thunderstorms a possibility early in the morning but that won’t affect them. Winds in the mid-teen range. Nothing spectacular.

Fleetwood making a hames of the 18th


If the wind gets up then it’s a straight shootout between Harman & Fleetwood IMO. Both are driving it beautifully.


Looks windy enough to me


The 18th should be fun today, downwind.


Great to see Justin Thomas bottle on the big stage. There’s a great Barney Curley quote that escapes me about people with no back bone.


Matsuyama playing the best golf right now.


What’s wrong with you,ya cunt


Matsuyama in at -12, that could well be good enough.


Koepka to -14 on 14. Tough holes ahead though.


Red rover, Koepka -15 on 15.


redddd rover


One of the junior cchas has koepka at 40s and had a 5 ew on my account. He is very excited right now.


If Phil hadve sacked the graduation would he be up there?


-16 on 16, amazing.


Drink it in man


Unlikely. Not playing particularly well this year.