Golf Betting


In the hope one of your selections wins


Not if you think the golfer is overpriced in the first place


Lowry +3 and Harrington +8 after first round. I expect both of them to be eating burgers tomorrow night as they won’t be hanging round for the weekend.

McIlroy -1 after 3 holes.


If you have sky but not Eir sports you can get the golf here…


Bbc bid for the golf and then put it on the red button thick cunts!!!


I can’t believe the USPGA let the fuckers have it. No HD is a fucking joke. :rage:


I have eir so not bad but was looking forward to no ads


I’m putting everything on rory nothing can go wrong


I backed Spieth at 18s just there


Rory about to drop another shot on the 15th.


If you want any more reasons to stop backing Rory. Just an inidcation of how little value and how overbet he is weekly is thst he is currently 9-1 and spieth 16s with PP. Both on same score.

Spieth has won 3 times this season (twice in last 5 weeks) incl a major and a host of top 10s. McIlroy has no form to even come close to that this season.

Regardless of how it pans out that disparity in price is ridiculous


Course form and conditions dictate otherwise.


Tipping along nicely pal.

Fancy Matsuyama to see it out.


This is outstanding!


That fat bastard Lowry falling apart late on again through lack of fitness. What a lazy cunt.


This is shaping up lovely for you @dodgy_keeper


I’m afraid to check, son.

I’ll throw it on again once The Sunday Game is over.


Looks like the first major is heading to Japan.


Not yet. If fowler gets to the clubhouse on 5 under he’ll have a decent chance of a play off.


Hon Rickie, great shot into 18 green.