Golf Betting


Molinari bogey.

Kisner in trouble.

This is going down to the wire.


Kisner will buckle.
Stroud could do anything.
Molinari just went back to -6 & is running out of holes.

This is a great spot ( dockets ) to have @dodgy_keeper


Great putt by Rickie. Finishes -5.

Justin Thomas with a wonder putt! I’m on him at 40’s, it’ll be my biggest ever win if he hangs on.

Matsuyama in free fall.


Hon Molinari


€10 e/w?


Score e/w.

He’s fucked on this hole. :disappointed_relieved:


That prick Patrick Reed after coming out of nowhere with a charge.


Matsuyama fairly nailed that putt


Good for @dodgy_keeper that putt as it gives him a little insurance from fat wanker Reed.


Have a feeling I’ll be up til 1am watching a play off between Reed and either Thomas/Matsuyama!

May wait up to watch Game of Thrones at 2am. :see_no_evil: :dragon:


Kisner back in with a squeak.


Clutch putt from Thomas.


Come on Japan.


Hideki :slightly_frowning_face:


Hideki :cry:


Great shot JT.


delighted for JT


Hup outta that young Thomas :clap::clap::clap::clap::clap:


Get in.

One hole left. Kept it together son.


He has made some fucking great putts today.