Golf Betting


He birdied eight of the front 9. Insane round.

Hopefully he’ll win a Major in 2018.


Didn’t see any of y u e golf today but was following ofvthem phone.he ripped up today alright.


Huzzah! I had chalked that one off as a loser on Saturday morning. Nice darts.


We go again. Hopefully can make a few quid in 2018.

Done Koepka & Leishman each way at 12’s & 20’s respectively this week.


Didn’t do anything this weekend… Jesus Brooks had a horrible start.
Leishman steady enough


Steve Palmer in the RP normally goes very well in the month of January so is worth monitoring.


Nightmare start for Brooks. +5 after the first four holes. Steadied up after that but that’s what he finishes on, now dead last in the whole field. Ffs.

Good start by Leishman at least.


Leishman should have a good year imo…


Backed Vegas e/w today @20’s was 3 under fir his round yesterday, should have been 8 under for it!


Wide open going into the last two rounds.

That’s a great price for Vegas, good luck!


Backed leishman at 16/1. 1 point win.


Kisner and harman for me this week,20’s and 25-1.great e/w odds for these two.


Done Leishman & Berger in Hawaii and Frittelli in South Africa.


Leishman off to a flyer as expected. The only thing I don’t like about him is he alway seems to have one fuck up of a round.still expect him to feature at the top this year quite a bit


Harman has put two very good rounds back to back…kisner tipping along nicely also.

Leishman and berger haven’t started their 2nd rounds yet


All four of our picks through to the final two rounds and all going well…

Harman -13
Kisner -8
Leishman -6
Berger -5


Harman one off the lead going into tonight.

The other 3 are too far behind o fear even for a place…


Kisner putting in a serious round
Up to 4th
Harman now 2 shits off the top through 4


Nice few quid back on harman last week.was unlucky really not to win…
Having a bit of a gamble on An @55 and bubba @60’s e/w

Wouldn’t rule out dj to go back to back but not a lot of value for him.

Over in the US I fancy rahm to win this but his price is also shite…


Dustin is out to 11s. He shot level par this morning