Golf Betting


Like predicting night follows day.


He was 1st or 2nd for 4 seasons in a row. 145th this year


Hard luck @AppleCrumbled

Can’t deny I was a little bit worried yesterday. Will you make a €100 donation to Cuan Mhuire in lieu of your stake to me please.

You seem a man of your word so I won’t look for a receipt. Be it on your own head.




You have my word DB.


DB and @AppleCrumbled are both beautiful men.


Elvira & Schwab in Spain
Willie McGirt & Vaughan Taylor in Hilton Head


Grillo 40/1


Did Dunne in the Euro,don’t follow it enough tbh but has decent form last few weeks e/w
Did Smith e/w on the PGA .hes going to win a few this year and I expect he will go close this weekend.
Nice return on bubba and stenson last weekend


Cheers for the heads up on Bubba and Stenson. Boyles paid out on the full on Stenson while PP took their cut from the tied golfers.


good first rounds from the two boyos…


Dunners leading by 3 at the end of the 2nd day. :+1:


Smith only 3 off in the PGA.nicely placed


Rahm is 13/8 is it buying money??


I don’t know.i take it he is fav? I’m m on Dunne from the start and he’s done fuck all wrong over the past 3 say a round off 6/7 under will win it


What’s the story with Smith? Don’t see him on Leaderboard.


I was gonna back smith yesterday evening at 12/1 in running, he was -2 after 5 holes in his 3rd round and only a couple off the lead but had 3 double bogeys to fall away completely,
Unlucky with him Faldo hope dunne gets it dunne for you today :wink:


He was leading after 5 holes yesterday birdie and egale start and fell to pieces after.finished +3 for his round after been -3after 2!


Hon Rahm


Well done.