Golf Betting


I think it’s dustins time.dont let last week’s win put you off…as the Clare man knows I’ll have a few quid on bubba too…


Did I hear right that mcilroy has played the course 18 times in the last 19 days in preparation for this?


Only you can answer that one.

Cc @Bandage


gone in for Branden Grace, I’ll lay him if he makes the cut.



primo, grade A bants.


I don’t think so. He said he’s played it loads of times as he often vacations in the Hamptons when he’s not on tour but more recently he was on about just walking the course and playing an approach shot here and a pitch or putt there.


I was half listening to off the ball last night and thought that’s what they said, if so I’d have a right cut off him as he’d know every inch of it


Plus he’s well overdue another major


Apart from the traffic which is a cunt and the exorbitant charges for using beaches the Hamptons is a lovely place to holiday


Christ!!! Mcilroy +8 after 15 holes now 150/1 in ladbrokes :tired_face:


Rory Rory Rory


Tiger having a few goes at getting onto the first green


Shane Lowry with a 4 footer for par on 5th and walks off with a triple bogey


Practice makes perfect


He’s probably sick of the place at this stage he’s played it so much :weary:


Tiger having a nightmare on the 13th. The commentator said he must be seething


Tiger with a couple of 6’s :grimacing:


Proper golf tournament this in fairness.

Woods finishes plus 8. That gonk McGinley says if you take the he three bad holes out of it it’s a really good round.


Don’t understand the reverence that golf folk have for McGinley at all