Golf Betting


Any hope of McIlroy catching Tiger tomorrow? Woods is pretty bulletproof historically when leading on the last day.


The curly one v the goat. This will be greatest Sunday evening of sport I can remember. Infact this transcends sport. This will be up there with the oj Simpson trial verdict and other such events. I’d be very surprised if there isn’t an espn 30 for 30 made about today.



I’ve Rory backed in this but I’m hoping tiger sees it out…should be a serious final round


Rory Rory Rory


Simply sensational stuff from tiger.


The iron into the first was sublime. Rory in trouble already, possibly overawed.


195 yards to within ten feet. Unreal. Lovely chip by rory. I think he needs to be within 3 turning for home.


4 ahead of Rose and 5 of rory. I read Steve Palmer had the bones of 30k on the tiger. Will be a a very bad result for bookies I’d imagine.


What channel is this on ?


Sky sports golf and sky sports main event


Mcilroy is in the woods.


Mcilroy being chewed up and spat out by the tiger


Flibber mcgoo


Just like the old days, tog shitting galore when Tiger roars.


Tiger is living rent free in Rory’s head.

Furyk needs to try and get him against McIlroy in the Ryder cup


:rollseyes: you tiger or rory give two fucks about the Ryder cup. Tiger has just completed the greatest comeback off all time. This is the biggest sports story of the decade.


Another magical McIlroy meltdown.


I’d say in five decades watching golf this is comfortably the worst bunch of professional golfers I’ve seen.


No intestinal fortitude. Seve would ate these gobshites alive in match play