Golf Betting


You don’t watch too much golf I’d say


I do a bit. These boys have no imagination. Drive, wedge.

The likes of seve and Trevino had the ball striking and imagination. It was a lot more fun to watch than boom, wedge mechanical shite on show now


Woods is an awful sweaty fucker. Must be a nightmare being on the bag, dealing with the sweaty towels and gloves


You need to start watching Blubba and the likes so!
Ryder cup is setting up nicely



Him and Mickelson are the only two I’d follow for 18 holes at a tournament.

Bubba hooking a pw 40 yards out of the trees at Augusta is up there with any of the shots seve hit


Billy horschel with a meltdown I’d be proud of in a bunker


Tiger :clap:

Great to have him back. :clap:


The best the sport has to offer being cowed by a forty two year old has been.


Tiger is playing as well as he ever did. You’re clueless.


He’s one under for 13 holes and the rose and McIlroy have the course destroyed with shit running down the legs


Golf is a game played between the ears so it’s no surprise a lot of simpletons on here don’t understand the complexity of it.


Don’t be silly.


I thought it was played on a golf course.


McIlroy is mentally weak. Tiger is on half a knee between both, and a back held together with strippers bra straps, and he walking all over the cunts.


What aspect of his game is worse? He struggled a bit off the tee during the year but this week has been solid. His iron play and putting is simply outstanding.


Tiger stopped trying to drive the ball 350 yards and it’s turned him inside out.


He misses fairways under pressure.

He hasn’t been put under pressure due to pants shitting


His putting this week is as good as his pomp.


Fair play to the boy Palmer rumored to have 30k on the nose on the tiger.