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So you’re genuinely suggesting that Woods is playing better than say when he won the US Open by 15 strokes?


Tiger doesn’t feel pressure, never has. It’s a process, you don’t just come back from that kind of injury related layoff and everything works perfectly.


Didn’t an 80 year old nearly win a major in the past few years.


Where did I say he was playing better?


Sky sports are getting sickeningly twee about him now.


That’s the aspect of his game that’s rarely mentioned. Look at the putts him and Rory had for par. Rory misses and tiger rolls it in.


About 5 posts up.


Read it again.


Tom Watson in a British open.

The links is a great leveler


I did. It’s still cack




Ah would you fuck off and not make this thread like the us politics one. You’ll have Sidney along now in a sec


Fair play for calling one on yourself.


You burden every thread you post on with gibberish mate.


Everyone does. It’s all gibberish.

Do you take it seriously ?


This thread will descend into a farce now.


Rose :open_mouth:


The World No1.

I rest my case.


McIlroy f-bomb


I’d stay loose if I was Billy horschel. Tiger is squirting