Golf Betting


McIlroy scuttering around the course now like a 20 handicapper.


I’ve Horschel backed at 25’s from the start of the week but I hope Tiger sees this out.


Is Tiger going to win the Fed Ex as well? What a shower of useless wankers.


He mightn’t win this tournament yet. Just gone bogey bogey. Not the play of a man who doesn’t feel pressure


Oh no, this is like the eight added minutes of injury time last month. :astonished:


Woods is in free fall here


Not in a great position to hit the green here.


He doesn’t feel pressure though and is playing as well as he ever did




Ice in the veins.


Lovely chip to be fair to him.


Big break there for Rose


He got unlucky with the drive going in the rough. Two putts for 10 million sheets.


McIlroy langers one 350 down the middle. Tiger follows him.

Fair fucks to him. He’ll get some reception going up the 18th


It’s like the coronation of a king out there.


Rose hobbles to the Fed Ex cup.


The Yanks are gone stone mad here.




Incredible scenes the King is back👏


USA USA USA :clap: