Golf Betting


Really,what happened


Another bogey.


How does that work?


Branden Grace with a 4 foot putt for the lead.


Ball rolled back into the water of its own accord rather than being hit into the water.


Damaged a few greens acting the prick. Scuffed one really badly.

Was already on a warning after fucking a wedge into a bunker


Ricky did lose that number.

Of shots.


Crazy cunt


Is 16 the playoff hole here?


Scratch that


Grace in meltdown mode now.


Did two this week, Lowery and Scott.Lowerys going well and seems to be enjoying his golf again.

Scott has changed his putter and it seems to be working for was the major part of his game that was letting him down over the past 2 years.

Made a few quid on Bubba’s place last week.wont be doing him for a few weeks again




You really have too chose where you do him.its very hard to tip him up as he could go down really bad from one shit hole.he owes me nothing anyways but I really pick and choose when I do him more than any other golfer


Golf really is the game of the people. Here in the Pebble Beach Pro Am amateurs getting to live their life’s dream of playing a round with the pros. Amateurs like Dick from Bank of America, Julie the chair of Cap Star Holdings, Tom the founder of Toms Shoes and Huey Lewis.




Tony Romo enjoying himself too


Russell Knox 25/1 without Casey


Biblical scenes at Pebble beach


No where near a TV,what’s going on