Golf Betting


Sergio didn’t give him a chance, went straight after it to tap it in with the back of the putter and horseshoed it out. His own fault imo.


What a knob.


I’d always make eye contact with the fella I’m playing against in match play before hitting. That’s some mistake. A 24 handicap wouldn’t do it


Tiger beaten by some Danish fud there.




Jimmy walker 60/1 in Texas.


I see paddy power are 10/1 about tiger beating Jack’s record. Ie 3 more majors. That’s a fanatic bet. If you have a spare few bob I’d back that. It would give the casual punter/Golf fan an interest every major. Powers make him 6/4 to win another major this year which makes the 10/1 look huge.


I think he’ll equal it this season.


Is there a time limit on the bet?


I don’t think he’ll win another. Augusta is his track. The others will all outhit him at any other course and he won’t have a hope of an open. He may squeak another masters but a lot went his way this time. Lads generally only get one fairy tale comeback.


I can’t see any. Ladbrokes are 5/1 for him to do it by the time he’s 50.


You have read the bet wrong Apple.

He is 10s to win 3 or more majors in 2019

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Interesting I’ve a feeling the powers that will be will be very forgiving towards tiger in the way they set up the courses from know on. They’ll want him to win.



That’s 4 or more. You mentioned 3 or more hence I thought you were referring to the 2019 bet


Sorry. Yes 4 more. Still that’s good value imo. Particularly for the casual punter who might only watch the 4 majors anyway.


He’s 9/1 for each of the 3 remaining majors so that’s 7/3 to win one more this year. Don’t mind Powers and their 6/4.


Aye it’s just a comparison. I think the tens about breaking jacks record is very generous.


Hard to know. He’s 43. No guarantee he stays healthy. You’re tying up your money indefinitely too.