Golf Betting

Leona might have too much of a hill to climb here

Rare to see a fella get injured playing golf :see_no_evil:

A fist pumping injury :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:

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Palmer up 47 points - I wonder did John duggan copy him this week


Benign conditions in Kentucky, Xander showing no ill-effects from last week’s capitulation

McIlroy getting the cluster fuck out of the way nice and early.

Schefflers driving lets him down


I thought it was only minorities the police were ott heavy handed with over there??

Time is Scotty teeing off?


1508hrs our time

Be some craic if he’s not out by then

I’m reading now it was a fatal accident scene he drove through. That would be a different kettle of fish tbf

Sounds like he dragged the cop along after he tried to stop him, so he could be in big trouble

Scottie,if you’re reading, which I’m sure you are, please play. Golf is interesting again, stroll back in here and walk all over them.

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All seems a bit overly dramatic.

There was a road block set up which he tried to drive around and then he ignored the cops for 20 yards before stopping. If it was Tiger they’d probably have shot him dead


Could have been easily avoided if he had just shouted “fore” before hand

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