Good article about gga gombeens

The Independent really does loathe the GAA! :lol:

Vincent Hogan has an article about a referee getting a headbutt as well. Post that one up ncc.

[quote=“north county corncrake, post: 492866”]
[/quote]Just like Saigon eh NCC??? Yeeehaaaaw :stuck_out_tongue:

doubtful considering how many muck savagaes buy it & how many articles in it about the gga- also its filled with ex gga playerstt


Keys had one about physically assaulting referees being at the heart of GAA culture. :lol:

Irish journalism really is embarassing.

aiy, scumbags from Carrick On Suir.
possibly the biggest knacker hole in Ireland 6.html

He was in Junior high asshole :lol:

No but at the heart of the GAA is to cover up for their own no matter what the wrong doing. A despicable trait. The GAA displays the best and worst of the Irish psyche imo.

You’ve an awful habit of drawing nationality into everything

I wouldnt call it a habit, but you come across as a patronising cunt in about 95% of your posts

edit - just reading the Tribune there now and Clifford agrees with my post -

:lol: :lol:

Your up early.

this is true

The sun is a star.

That Carrick Swan headbutt incident is unbelievable, the Guards and the GAA conspiring to quash an assault charge. Disgusting scenes.

I am very close to joining the NCC camp of GGA Sceptics.