Good Books

What audiobook app are you using?

I use borrowbox which is a free library app. It’s really good.


Free app?

Yes mate.

Just downloaded this. Thanks for the recommendation.

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This is moving along nicely so far and I just turned the page and see one of my favourite fictional characters is making an appearance


Is that Ray (small balls) Lennox?

That’s the man. Did he crop up in another book?

Other than Filth i cant recall… Might have been mentioned in an other but no major part.

Just about to start on this @Massey @Boxtyeater. Should be interesting.


A great and factual account of it’s era. I read it first about 40 years ago and despite the chronicling of extreme hardship and by times utter despair, must say I’d regard it as possibly the most accurate recording of those heady days.
It’s by times grim, hopeful, hopeless and funny in equal measure. You’ll enjoy it.


Valentin Iremonger is a great name.

Was thinking same thing!

The Satsuma Complex by Bob Mortimer is a murder mystery that is wonderfully bonkers.

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I was at the Irish book awards there in the Convention Centre tonight. Case of have monkey suit will get night out. Someone left a pal down and I was invited at short notice. Massive celeb spotting opportunities. End of the night had a grand chat with Roddy Collins telling him he was robbed he didn’t win book of the year. He agreed. He was shorter than me which surprised me.


Was his Mrs along having a few half pints of Guinness?

She was indeed and a lady who I suspect was either his mum or mum in law.

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The Roddy Collins interview on last week’s 2 Johnny’s podcast is fucking hilarious

You’re a nawful man.

I used to work with a Waterford man and he also used ‘left’ in the above context.

I think it may be a Munster thing.

I would say ‘someone let a pal down’.

Each to their own.