Good Fillums

And what’s this SMILE you’re talking about @flattythehurdler?

The Menu is a well worth watching. Fiennes puts in a lovely performance

It’s a horror film just out.

Is it good? Heard mixed reviews

Ah, fair enough. I keep away from the horrors…

Whats the film that seems to be in just about every meme and Gif at the moment in which theres a really scary dude with some kind of mask on?

First half good. Second half formulaic. 6/10

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Sister Act 2?

The Crying Game?


Watched All Quiet on the Western Front last night on Netflix.
Epic stuff altogether, highly recommend.


Indeed it is (a grim watch too). I watched it on iPad, so need to watch it on bigger screen. I thought it was better than 1917 and Dunkirk.

Walks all over both of those. It started off like a train so I was hooked from the start.

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The book is very good.

‘Another Round’ is coming to Netflix, please watch this film. Outstanding!


sherezade On Netflix is a grim but good watch … about a pimp and his pro on the streets of Marseille …

Gway, you’re drunk.

Not yet I’m not!

Watching The Quiet Man here. What a movie!!! Michaeleen O’Flynn gets me every time.

Here’s a stick to beat the lovely lady

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