Good Films - aka the Chucks n' Fitzy Spoiler Alert Thread


I watched Get Out earlier, I thought it was unreal. A very entertaining watch from start to finish.


Well Tossy watched this last night after seeing you had briefly mentioned it on several different threads on here! Unrale.


the portrayal of the IRA was very realistic, planting bombs in busy civilian areas to murder innocent people going about their business


Three Billboards, excellent show.


Good movie. Bit like in Bruges meets no country for old men


Off to see it tonight in the Stella


I didn’t think I’d like it based on the trailer and the fact I find Francis Dortmund repulsive to look at but I was very pleasantly surprised. Woody Harrelson is unreal in it


Sam Rockwell is one of my favourite actors of all time. Looking forward to watching this in the Stella later.


Enjoy it. It’s class. The humour is excellent. Best film I’ve seen in ages.


He’s brilliant aswell in it


The Stella worth the extra few quid? Looks class in fairness


Went to see this tonight. Good film, not a great film.


Went to see The Post tonight. Decent but nothing special


It’s like flying business class on an aircraft. Probably not worth it but a lovely experience for a treat (at far less cost than upgrade to aircraft business class).

It’s not gimmicky. The food is shite. Having a drink on a very comfortable seat watching a new release is great. Sound is bad for a cinema.

I suspect it won’t be there in two years though.

Billboards was excellent. Really clever and well written. Great performances.


I thought same at Star Wars but it’s a treat. Monkfish tacos I thought were great. Next and last time I’ll go will be brunch in bed down front watching kids movie with fam. Pure indulgence. I don’t think Press Up group have long term plans for any of their venues - they capture buzz for 2-3 years and move on.


Sam Rockwells Dad :clap:


ah here, Darkest Hour was unreal, Winston Churchill was some man, that speech at the end was unreal


3 billboards is on Terrarium now fellas. It is a good movie alright but not as good as some of the reviews I’d read.


I’d say the commuter would be more your style of film?


Never heard of it pal. Any good?