Good Films - aka the Chucks n' Fitzy Spoiler Alert Thread


Liam Neeson bating the shite out lads on a train, its just out


Anybody seen Hostiles yet

Any good ?


its unreal, the wild west was a very harsh environment


I was very sick as an infant. In the pre-antibiotic age I would have died before I was one.


I absolutely love wild west movies or TV programmes. I even watched a modern western last night starring Ethan Hawke that was shit but i enjoyed it for the background, costumes, scenery, spitting, shooting, riding horses, whores, cussing. There was an Oirish drunkard priest came up in it which i thought was a very accurate depiction.


My grandfather ( God rest him) thought the VCR was the best invention ever and used to send me down on a Saturday to rent out a minimum of two westerns and two ww2 movies


My grandfather was the same. Happy out watching John Wayne movies on repeat.


Did the fella in the shop and grandad tell you they were ahem “westerns “ :sunglasses:


Yea. That was my Grandfather to a tee. He’d watch Wayne all day long if he could


They were chief.


I’m sure they were .


Worth seeing. Good cast, beautifully filmed and scored.


I can’t stop think about “Darkest Hour” its some film, I was researching George VI there, he was a great man, a great man, a lovely man


The fella in our local video shop used to be known as momma.

He had a selection of what he called “oh momma make the tae” movies i.e. when it would get saucy it was time for momma to make the tae :blush:


there was an awful pervert running a video shop on Douglass street years ago


Is it better than Dunkirk?




yes, a lot better


George was a great family man, he went to Heathrow to see off Elizabeth on a African tour when he was dying against all medical advice, the pictures of him waving her off was very sad


Gary Oldman brought a lovely vulnerability to Winston Churchill, I love the way Churchill faced down that lickspittle Neville Chamberlin and Lord Halifax, it put an awful strain on him