Good Films - aka the Chucks n' Fitzy Spoiler Alert Thread


Watching Patton here on Film 4 +1


just saw “The Post” there, Meryl Streep gave a very good performance


Saw it last night. Decent watch but nothing spectacular.


Downsizing tonight. Rubbish.


“the 15:17 to paris” awful stuff, the lads on the train involved in the incident actually play themselves, they haven’t a notion about acting, Eastwood must be going senile to think this was a good idea, I would have preferred Liam Neeson and Jackie Chan in the good guy roles


“The Shape of water” tonight lads, jesus it touched me deep down inside, it was savage emotional


Up your alley alright, normalising bestiality


its not bestiality, he’s a merman


I watched “Kill the Irishman” there, a hidden gem of a film


I have it here. Was tempted a few times but didn’t put it on. Is it worth a watch?


its a great film, based on a true story, Titus Pullo from Rome is the main man


I might give it a twist Sunday afternoon so


I tonya last night lads, very sad really, her mother was an awful cunt, great performnce from Margot Robbie and Allison Janney


It’s an unreal movie to be fair


I thought the 30 for 30 on it was better, Focused more on the backstory and the rivalry between herself and the lovely Nancy Kerrigan.

It is a decent watch but nothing more I thought.


The mam’s Cuntishness is the story in the film .


Watching it here now


Currently watching the 30 for 30! The bodyguard was some clown


an awful gobshite


That Wylie cunt, the friend of Kerrigan seems like an awful Blane McIlroy type individual.