Good Films - aka the Chucks n' Fitzy Spoiler Alert Thread


Thanks to @Copper_pipe I’m watching movies again

Watched three billboards which was good

Watching the killing of a sacred deer now and it’s giving me the heeby jeebies


Id say you have every Television channel imaginable and every film/Tv show at your mercy :smiley:


The return of the living dead some craic,think I will watch Dawn of the dead after.


I do and Alexa as well


I went to a Polish subtitle film tonight “Kobiety Mafii” fecking great yarn, all over the place but very enjoyable, I love a foreign subtitle sometimes



Others said the film was totally plugged into the moment, with its story of a ragtag threesome of underdogs — a mute woman (who is sexually harassed), a black woman and a closeted gay artist — who work to save a demonized “other” from the man.


Is this all on the old IPTV?

Iv a samsung smart telly. Can you get the app direct on that


Red sparrow. Big disappointment, terrible disjointed storyline, shite really bar a bit of perving at Jennifer Lawrence


You can get the IPTV on that alright. @The_Selfish_Giant has a Firestick so he can get stream movies.

With the smart TV you’d be limited to the Channels and whatever movies the provider has on their server


Shane is on Film 4 later this afternoon. That will be a few hours put down handy.


I watched Spotlight recently on Netflix.

I thought it was excellent. Ruffalo and Keaton superb.


Roasters love a good cowboy film and if John Wayne is involved even better.


We really do. John Wayne isn’t in this one though :slightly_frowning_face:


Good Will Hunting is a great film.


Anyone seen Game Night? Downloading it from Terrarium at the moment.


Anyone with a smart tv should be getting iptv really. You will need a subscription too but it’s a no brainer.


I’m sure @The_Selfish_Giant will be able to vouch for the provider that I sent sent him to if anyone else is looking for it :wink:


Go for it guys


Can you get the sports through the app and/or d firestick?