Good Films - aka the Chucks n' Fitzy Spoiler Alert Thread


Yeah either or.

If you have the smart tv there’s no need to get a firestick.


I’ll take a PM bro.


I’ve a raspberry pii. Any ideas


You might be able to sort something depending on what OS you’re running. I’m PM you now


Top top man.


Great selection of films on Sky movies tonight. Baby Driver, Raising Arizona, Miller’s Crossing, No Country for Old Men, 2001 A Space Odyssey, Godfather Pt 2 and the Hurt Locker on Film4.


All top shows apart from Godfather 2


nice try


I thought it was a fairly shit attempt. Like godfather 3


You mixing up 2 and 3??


Watched The Post earlier. 13/20.


Did you watch it online?


Dodgy box.


I’ve been looking for a decent copy online


Three fine Coen Bros selections in there. Millers Crossing is a personal fave


Try blood simple for an early gem of theirs. Millers crossing is superb. Hes giving me the high hat.


Anyone see Three Billboards yet. A great show. Sam Rockwell is outstanding in it.


Really enjoyed it. A bit like In Bruges meets Wind River. Rockwell was brilliant. Surely get a nomination.


Just watched Crazy Heart with Jeff Bridges. 8 out of 10. Well worth a watch.


Ladybird is shit, Ronan is excellent, as is Metcalfe, but it’s a shit film.