Good Films - aka the Chucks n' Fitzy Spoiler Alert Thread


The backlash against it is nonsense


Blood Simple is smashing. As is Barton Fink


What terminology:yum::yum: this chief? Are them Lough lads knocking the roaster out of you


They’re even bigger roasters up here mate


I enjoyed it. If you find Gerwig annoying in any films you’ve seen her in, you won’t enjoy it. It’s basically Ronan playing her


Over the weekend as I was struggling to survive the snowmagedeon I watched a few of the oscar films.

Three billboards. I had heard it was excellent and that it was wank so I wasn’t going in with expectations too high. I have to say I thought it was excellent. A solid 8.5/10. Well worth seeing.

Ladybird. A film about nothing basically. Artistic wank. Not the worst thing I’ve ever seen or anything and it passed an hour and a half but it was completely unremarkable. 5/10


I watched baby driver the other night I thought it was excellent.


Saw Game Night last night - much better than I expected. Nice few laughs in it


Get Out is an enjoyable romp. Nothing earth shattering in the genre, but nicely made and well acted.


I didnt get the hype over Ladybird either. A really boring movie where fuck all happens. All the talk about nostalgia and bringing people back to their “highschool” days and all that wank. A really uneventful story about a less than ordinary person.


I heard ladybird is a serious load of shite


I watched 55 mins of Ladybird.

A load of self indulgent scutter.


Nostalgia aint what it used to be.


It is a film that has been done to death a thousand times. A “coming of age story” except absolutely nothing remotely interesting happened during it


While we’re at it, has anyone seen a decent movie lately?


I watched Airplane again there Saturday night,a gem.


Film is an overrated form of entertainment. TV is much better


Robin Hood Men in Tights is up on Netflix now, another classic of the genre. I tried watching it with the missus the other night but she was just looking at me like what the fuck is this about. I’ll give it a watch myself some evening she’s out.


It’s gone that way, yes … but there’s nothing better than a cracking movie watched on the big screen.