Good Films - aka the Chucks n' Fitzy Spoiler Alert Thread


It works on different levels


You either get that kind of humour or you don’t.
I love Naked Gun, Airplane, Hot Shots, Blazing Saddles all those nonsense films. But I can see why some people wouldn’t find them remotely funny.


Was the one with John C Reily any good – Piss take of Johnny Cash movie I think

cc @Watchyourtoes


Also - Police Squad … :clap:


Walk hard the Dewey cox story,it’s OK funny at times Reilly is very hit or miss and he struggles even in a comedy as the main character.



Leslie Nielsen was brilliant at slapstick comedy,Canada has given us some of the best like John Candy,Mike Myers,Jim Carrey,Dan Aykroyd,Rick Moranis and Eugeny Levy among others.


I watched “Ferdinand” (the animated movie about Spanish bull fighting) the other day with the kids, and it was better than a load of acclaimed movies I’ve watched in the past while. I get that enjoyment or taste in movies is a subjective thing, but a lot of them seem to want to be arty shite with strange soundtracks to be different.


Snowflakes are running Hollywood at the moment. I 've seen nearly every “big” film this year. 50% of them are pure scutter. That’s the way It is gone now. There’s great films coming out of Poland lately.




Yes. Poland.


Any chance of a few examples?


Black Swan was decent I thought.


Coco is a lovely little movie.

As I said earlier, Get Out is decent.

Thor Ragnarok was tremendous fun if you’re into the MCU.


What’s Polish about that?


do you follow the film thread at all? I have tagged two savage polish films already this year


One very memorable scene in it.


Turned off The Shape of Water after 45 minutes the other night. Couldn’t get into it although I was half pissed.


I’d say by the sounds of it, it would even be a struggle if one was fully pissed.

No. Gratuitous violence is the only way to go.


Watched The Death of Stalin the other night. Dark comedy. Enjoyable. A solid 7/10.