Good Films - aka the Chucks n' Fitzy Spoiler Alert Thread


The first one was playing at the cinema in Dundalk on Sunday night and a massive contingent of Polaks went into it


Shape of Water is a lovely film.


A river runs through it on the tv again here. It’s a wonderful film, ine of the few I’ve seen that does justice to a truly great piece of literature. The final scene in the book is one of my favourite passages ever, alongside The Dead and Wuthering Heights. The film honours it perfectly. A great achievement by Robert Redford.


Guys, Molly’s Game or Red Sparrow?


Molly’s Game


the rack on Jessica Chastain is worth the admission alone


that fat Russian lad is after givin her some timberin


Baby driver.


Molly’s Game is a good flick and Chastain is looking pretty hot in it


Mary Magdalene tonight, a very good interpretation, Joaquin Phoenix very impressive as Jesus, he kept it simple, performed a very good miracle aswell, he gave it everything and passed out after it


Joaquin is a bit of a method actor, I’d say he got right into it alright mate


Black Panther is meant to be good mate, have you seen that? We are really on the same wave length with movies, and with life generally i suppose. I’m thinking of going to watch it tomorrow evening because some chap on the radio said it was great, but superhero movies aren’t really my bag generally. You might be able to sway me here.


I doubt you’ll like it tbh, for all the fuss about it I thought it was very stereotypical.


yeah, reading your posts, we agree on a lot of things and share the same opinion on a lot of matters. I don’t like the new style of action man/superhero type films, the overboard special effects do my head in, I prefer more realistic films that deal with true stories, such as Mary Magdalene which I went to see last night. I like to be deeply affected by a film


Tomb raider. Horrendous shite


Justice League is the worst thing ever done in the history of mankind. It’s worse than the holocaust.


Watch tomb raider and reevaluate


Her boobs are too small, I refuse to on principal.


It makes no sense. None. Its like indiana jones directed by and for simpletons.


Sounds like Relic Hunter. God bless Tia