Good Films - aka the Chucks n' Fitzy Spoiler Alert Thread


Terminator 1 didn’t age too well.


Appalling post. The depth, insight and profundity of this masterpiece continues to astound, provoke and guide. Clearly you’re not ready for robocop.


I haven’t seen it in 20 years… The ending was just ridiculous.


Terminator 2 proves you wrong.


Terminator 2 is grand for the most part.

We need a remake.


I disagree strongly with this statement.



That’s one of the worst movies I’ve ever seen.It was pure shite.


When was the last time you watched it brah?

There’s a sci-fi station on the auld IPTV showing all the old classics – they had Highlander on the other day, awful scutter as well. Early/ Mid 90s movies havent aged all that well. 70s /80s movies stand up a lot better. … I suppose they just didnt have the tech to do what they really wanted to do in the 90s.


I watched it about 2 months ago and I think it stands up very well. The only bit that looks gash is the bit at the end when the Terminator is down to the skeletal frame which looks dated alright but I’m not a big CGI nerd anyway so I’m ok with that. Apart from that, I thought it was brilliant for it’s time. Karate Kid 2 however, now there’s a movie that hasn’t aged well.


She is unreal


I watched that movie “the death of Stalin” a few weeks ago. It was a crock of shite.


This will give you a bit of a lift.
Come and See


The criminally overlooked and underappreciated Oblivion is on Netflix for anyone with a taste for excellent SciFi. Cruise at his brilliant best.


a very bad film, I mentioned it at the time when it was out. I’m trying to decide here now between going to the meg or the equaliser 2


The Meg is awful scutter


Cruise does make some great movies alright.Oblivion is a great show.


Unfriended: Dark Web is one of the worst films of the last 10 years. This Summer has been very bad


The Quiet Place is very entertaining if you’re stuck for something to watch pal.


I’m looking forward to the Nun, something that will frighten the shit out of me inside in the cinema