Good Films - aka the Chucks n' Fitzy Spoiler Alert Thread


Denzil Washington is unreal in the equalizer 2


He must be near 70 now. Some man.




Mission Impossible tonight, jesus a great auld yarn, great entertainment. I really enjoyed it so I did, usually I don’t like long films but it went by very fast with all the non stop action, savage on the imax aswell


What would you give this one out of ten, mate?

I see you on about the anticipation you have for the nun which is due out soon, I feel the same way it looks and feels like it could be a great one.


I’d give it an 8 for entertainment value, Tom Cruise was very good in it, a very good actor. Can’t wait for the Nun, I saw the poster walking out of the cinema, and it looked very sinister and frightening, I thought to myself “Tassotti, that will frighten the shit out of you” it looks like it well be money well spent


I meant the equalizer 2.


I’d give it 6.5, its a bit predictable, and lost it’s way about half way through it, but Denzil Washington was good for his age in it, he was very mobile for an auld fella and bate the tar out of all that was put in front of him, a good few explosions as well which always goes down with me


The first one was brilliant. He’s great in those edgy sort of roles.


The Cruiser is a great actor and great guy, he gets a bad rap for some of the hocus pocus stuff but he is a proper A Lister.


I watched the 1981 Brian de Palma movie Blow Out yesterday and enjoyed it.


Very repetitive


He’s an odd ball of the highest order and I suspect not an alright sort, will you come off it. I can’t warm to him at all.


I think you may be mistaking it bro


Best in the business


Watched Baby Driver there. Enjoyed it. He reminded me of me. Man of few words who enjoys music and the oul driving.


Great movie.


Best soundtrack to a movie ever


Just re-watched The Equalizer. Jesus, what a movie, Denzel battering the fuck out of a load of Russians. Great ending also.


Denzel’s young lad gives a Tour de France performance in Blackkklansman. A smashing film