Good Films - aka the Chucks n' Fitzy Spoiler Alert Thread


I think you’re confusing Drive with Baby Driver.


I wouldnt think so. The Baby Driver OST is very good.


no, the soundtrack is a good bit better than the movie and the movie is alright. Baby driver that is


It’s not as good as the soundtrack to Drive.


Meh, I dont like Baby Driver or Drive, both overrated.


I watched Whiplash there.


And brilliant music.

The scene at the end is just fantastic.


Just saw this, Adam Driver very good.

And the Finnish psychopath fella.


The ending to Three Billboards is some fucking cop out. 7/10

Any daycent reviews of Black 47 yet?


Agreed, not unlike A Quiet Place, albeit a movie that was always going to be difficult to tie up.


I went to see black 47 the other night. Avoid like the plague it’s toilet.


I’ll trust your judgement and give it a skip so. Was considering going to see it this weekend.


Trailer looks decent but will wait for it to appear on the dodgy box


Just back from Blackklansman, great auld yarn


Suge Knight going down for a 28 year stretch.


Not death row then.


No messing around with sentencing over there.




Conviction rates if you run a jury trial are in the high 90s and there is mandatory sentencing. So everybody advised to take a plea bargain. You can argue that there is no right to a trial anymore in America given the odds faced by anybody charged with a serious crime and the statistics on plea bargains. It is not a country you want to make a mistake in.


Mile 22, tonight, a steaming pile of shite


That’s a small background plot point in Roman J Israel Esq, a cracking film and performance from Denzel.