Good guy or wanker


this guy is a wanker for me- reminds me a bit of dan/mac and fisty and the way they always want to show the rest of us what winners they are


you left out tinnion…the guy who mixes in circles where you are judged by the suit you wear… :lol: :lol:

Link is broken, mate. I’m just seeing a small, turdy cartoon character with a tear rolling down his face.

was working a minute ago

He seems like a cock.

Intl Comm in UCD, nuff said.

Fucking hell. What a wanker.


Good marketing ploy.



anyone with a commerce degree and a masters in business studies is an alright sort in my book.

dont you have a degree from UCG- that doesnt really count mate

NUIG its called these days mate.

Got some uni of the year award when I was there so it’s obviously legit

Plus I believe Michael D, SS, WTB, Count of Duncannon Fort (if he ever passed in the end), Martin Sheen all are former alumni of that most glorious establishment. I’m rubbing shoulders with some greats there.

Can also regale the forum again of how Bernard McNamara went out of his way to give me his business card at my graduation ceremony if you would like?

No such anecdotes from the buggering institute that you went to?

please regale us again- some failed businessman gave you a business card…

Testify KIB.

Although martin was enrolled as hernan estevez.

U serious? My next door neighbour was in the same class as him for a couple of subjects and he sure as shit didn’t go by hernan in class.

I am indeed serious.