Goodbye Wiki

Since Rocko the soulless Turk is getting rid of the Wiki at the weekend (see sticky threads above).

This thread will be an oppurtunity for everyone to reminisce on the greatness that was wiki.

Please post your favourite wikis, memories, or scurrilous remarks about Rocko the heartless bastard here.

No loss[COLOR=“white”]…


This ten characters thing is retarded

Surely someone must save my IOTY and Mulliance/Alliance Wiki’s?!!

This is not Donkey.:mad:

I am disappointed in this development

WTF I just read the thread there, we are losing social groups aswell??? Fook this for a game of marbles down the park.

Cahill is laughing , makes his 1990’s website look modern now.

We need to take action,I have a feeling several members will walk due to the direction in which Rocko has decided to take this forum,if it aint broke don’t fix it.

Anyone who wants to walk, let them fuck off


Why don’t you copy and paste your favourites into a blog? It seems they’re surviving.

Fuck the wiki, will the proper old school rolleyes smiley be returning???

Just to clarify, I’m fairly certain that the articles as they currently stand will be transferred across into threads (cue loads of editing) but they won’t be in wiki format anymore.

You seem to enjoy drawing an awful lot of work on yourself Rocko.

Sure that’s grand then.

How is Wexfords number 8 graphic designer coming on with the logo?


Great post Pukey.