Grand Slam Of Darts 2012

The annual hammering of the BDO by PDC starts tomorrow in Wolverhampton and i for one cannot wait. Will i BDO player get out of the group? My tip is Michael Van Gerwen to win, on fire at the moment.

can’t see the bdo lads doing that well, they are all in tough groups especially ted who has
mighty mike and thornton, both really on form players. o’shea for example has lewis and
part in his group, waites has phil the power in his group. maybe wesley harms and kist
might do well.

Throw up the draw there lads please.

We all know the BDO is a steaming pile of monkey crap but in fairness Scotty 2 Hotty did win it a couple of years back.

Agreed, the BDO have 5 ish top class players alright who can compete against the PDC top brass. Its the rest of the BDO that are really shite. Good pub players around Ireland would give a lot of the lower ranked BDO lads a game.

i preferred the earlier years of the GSOD, there were more bdo players, now there seems so few left. i still think
waites has the best chance of doing well once he gets out of the group, he has a great record in it but even he
failed in the group stages last year.

Not this creep again… So starts the annual onslaught of new threads referring to darts, dart players, their wives, diet, toiletry habits…

Can the mods please merge these this year?

We cant be mixing up darts threads the jaysus. It’s the fuckin camogie threads we have to worry about.

Keep this cunt in line, and i’ll promise to bust the other fellas head when I see him next

Great to have a BDO player like yourself contributing to the forum jimmy29, and I certainly hope you get out of your group. Do us proud. Which player are you, by the way?

In fairness the BDO players are so bad, i would probably beat them. Give them their due though, at least they turn up anyway unlike Martin ‘‘the bottler’’ Adams.


Ooby dooby

Should be a good tournament where the PDC once again prove their enormous dominance over the bdo players.

‘The Count’ at his brooding best on stage here 2-0 up against Beaton, scowling and snarling after every visit to the board. :lol: :clap:

Hankey just took out a 161 finish. :clap: :clap: :clap:

Ted playing with a snarl. Magnificent arrows so far from the count.

Scott Waites very impressive against Stompe also.

And all of a sudden Ted goes off the boil completely.
Mystifying, but then again, natural genius and its moods can be hard to fathom.

What was it? 3 out of 4 wins for the BDO lads earlier?

“Have you ever seen a man have a fight with himself live on stage? Well, you’re seeing it now.”

Vintage Ted Hankey here. Two 180’s and he is on a 9-darter. :lol: :clap: :clap: :clap: