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As an AI language model, I am not sure what context you are referring to. Can you please provide more information or context so that I can better assist you?

He’s the image of his grandson in that photo. Hurled with Na Piarsaigh underage. He was a flaking hurler but the attitude wasn’t right unfortunately. It was a tall order to live up to that man.

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I went to school with a grandnephew of Mackey’s (his grandfather was John Mackey). He was son on local GP (his mother was the Mackey). Was good at all sports growing up but pivoted towards rugby for a number of years. Think he threw his lot in with hurlers after school but then moved to London. Think he has major back issues now from the rugby one of the lads said. He would have made a very decent club hurler if he’d stuck at it the whole way through. Tall and athletic.

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The physique of Mackey and JP wasn’t even a tickle


That’d be the turnip thinning you see


And the bycyclin

It’s some contrast to the footage of Christy Ring running around with his Peaky Blinders cap and his man boobs jiggling all over the shop.



They say he used to cycle from Ahane to Dublin airport every day for work. It made a baysth out of him. He averaged two punctures each way.


He worked and lived in Ardnacrudha all his adult life. Drove a lorry all day.

Two daughters named Ruth imagine.

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Stoichkov and Brolin were at Parma together for about two months and barely played together even in that time.

Brolin was shipped out to Leeds because he was a lazy, fat fucker and Stoichkov lasted one season before fleeing back home to Barcelona.

Not iconic.

Faustino Asprilla regularly gets cited as the signing that messed up Newcastle’s title chances that season but Brolin’s signing was one of the worst by any team in my time following English football. Leeds had started that season well and then turned to shit when they signed him. He was a more expensive Marco Boogers or Andrea Silenzi.

I saw that.

It already said he had a son Michael so just a misprint.

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And none named Michael, though Michael is interviewed and photographed.

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Not Ruthless enough.

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You’re an awful innocent auld cratur.


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Like a Caravaggio.

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