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The famous Ali one.
His second fight v Liston.
The “phantom punch”.
The referee missed the count for Liston as he was busy trying to get Ali to the neutral corner.
Liston gets up and they go at it until the referee is finally told by the timekeeper that Liston was counted out.
Ali wins on 1st round knock out.


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Edit: Shite…Can’t get that fecking image to work. Great shot of Steve Mac though.

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Great shot.

Madrid Masters Tennis Ballgirl

Won’t post the image but here’s the link anyway

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Cheers mbb. Dunno why it didn’t work for me

Swedish supporters at Euro 2004:

Larsson celebrating one of his goals in Seville:

Schumacher nails Battiston in the 1982 World Cup:

Riijkard gobbing on Voellar at the 1990 World Cuo:

Scott Norwood has this FG to win Superbowl XXV…and misses:

Bird versus Johnson from 1992:

Boston Red Sox win the 2004 World Series after a gap of 86 years:

[quote=“Bandage”]Scott Norwood has this FG to win Superbowl XXV…and misses:


FFS bandage

didn’t need to see that agin

Zara Richards celebrating 3-day eventing success:

Martin Johnson lifts The William Webb-Ellis trophy aloft:

Bobby Moore with the Jules Rimet trophy:

Michael Vaughan with the famous urn: