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Listening to Today FM this morning eh?


I wasn’t actually, why?


Oh that cunt Caul Pollins decided to describe it thusly also.



The thought that myself and himself think similarly on any topic has upset me greatly.




He’s like a tanned Tom Condon


Anything similar on this


McCarthy had a great leap.

There was a great one of him jumping over Liam Hayes (I think). I can’t find it online, I’ll look a bit more later.


Ronaldo scored a towering header against Manchester United in the champions league a few years back. His feet were at same level as Evra’s neck when he leapt. Post the picture please, @croppy_boy.




Sure Evra is holding him up there. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


I’m only helping out @bandage here pal. You clearly didnt listen to his request.

I do find it really odd though the fawning Man U fans do over Ronaldo since he left. That’s just a general observation. Clearly seen on here quite regularly too.


the cobh back 4 looking after Ross McCormack and co. yesterday down in Fota
Fulham won 5-1 BTW




The sooner HBV and tassotti are back to reign this lad in the better.

seeing as rambler apparently put his picture of some Tipperary fellas corduroy type trousers and brown shoes in “the wrong thread” and has since deleted the post that had the caption “there’s roasters than there’s tipp roasters” the above comment will look out of place once ramblers deleted post disappears off the board.

I wonder what thread it was supposed to be in? Rambler is lost without the boys. Sooner they are back and he can revert to apple crumble the better.


I’m not sure what you’re getting at?
He’s a roaster?


Wrong thread.


Richie :roll_eyes: