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Egypt V Germany in the beach volleyball :laughing:


If you come at the King

You best not miss


I wish she covered her feet too. They look odd to say the least.



Tiochfaidh ar bΓ‘d


Celebrating failure Roy Keane would say.


Not in the least pal, you win a medal.


You win a runners up medal also.
I didn't see the race, I was working for once,but I thought they would win, and it sounds like they could have. They are celebrating losing a race they could have won.


Not in the least mate. Its a losers medal.


I agree with all the above.


They're celebrating medalling in an event few gave them an opportunity in before the games. I'm far from an expert in rowing, but they seem nice sorts and will make currency out of this hopefully. They've a lovely way about them also.



I'd say many people thought they had a great chance. I thought they'd win it. They could have. I don't disagree with what you say, but it's frustrating is all.


I should declare I had a nice cut off the Cark fuckers at 8/1


Didn't see the race but were France not 1/10?


They were something like that anyway, the French pair seemed decent sorts as well and obviously have a good relationship with our lads, during the interview with RTE the two French came along and embraced the boys (shortly before Gary took a few steps backwards to nearly puke on camera).
I felt that we'd get the silver but I thought the French would have won more comfortably, it was a great race and if it had gone on another 50 metres we would have had to settle for a bronze.
8-1 was a good price though, I would have had a bit of that myself if I had thought about it.




He’s got an arm, like a leg