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Fucking Olympics using the comic sans font for the numbers :rage:


Seems to me there should be a rule about that. Surely you should have to stay on your feet after crossing the line.


Surely you mean before crossing the line?


Why? The object is to be first over the line. As long as you stay in your lane and don’t use a jet pack, does it matter how you get there?



Ah Jaysus, Evanne would you fuck off ‘Is Irish Boxing being penalised?’.

Idiotic questions.

She’s basically trying to get Zaur to allege widespread corruption.



The sport is running You run over the line.


I think it does anyway. If one of the runners has another race to run in, then he/she can’t afford to risk diving. This gives others an unfair advantage.




The reaction of his teammates when French gymnast suffered an horrific leg break on the horse.


That one of Bolt is sheer class.



Sponsored by Sportsfile ?


Don’t begrudge @rocko a few quid you prick.


Pat Hickey in a classical judo defensive position