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You get the PC brigade on here who won’t have a bad thing said about travellers, but then the same lads wouldn’t get up on top of one. It takes a real man like @Tassotti or @ChocolateMice to actually go ride a traveller


I’m not liking that





Have that you Taff cunt!!



Is that Monkman in the black and white t shirt ?


Is that his bird or was he just out for the shift?


That’s the lovely Erin


I see she did a bit of cropping :smirk:


Didn’t she drop one not so long ago? Give the princess a break.


The winning of the game. Broke his head and their spirit. Allen had been on a lot of ball before that and was central to their game. Without him and Bale they had no one to break us down.


James McClean is a beautiful man


James McClean is the man you wish your daughter to meet (not in a TH kinda way).






Some skill levels on display there.

It’s like a scene from the ramp of a cattle truck when the ones you’ve already loaded turn back on top of the ones going up the ramp.

Post of the Year 2017

@backinatracksuit will have some horn when he sees that


Not a sport