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BOI me arse





That can turn nasty very fast when the fuckers you load first quickly realise that there’s no light at the end of the tunnel


Or realise there’s something worse at the end of the tunnel.


Seamus McElligott photo


Is that a county final?


I knew you would like the white socks/boots combo and the deserted corner of the stand

#s 12 & 14 are brothers. 14 is 6-4 while 12 is near 6-0.
Hughie Bourke is the #12 and made all the big plays to win the game for Adare including this kickout win late in the game which possession pretty much secured the game.


Nah, the deserted corner of the stand wouldn’t bother me. The fucking white socks though :rage:


Take it down.


Ah here!!! Who the fuck is that?? They’re russian bitches anyway!!


No idea.


It’s a great sporting photo all the same.
(was about to take it down, but was laughing too much)


Ah here FFS. What did that crowd win?
All we got when we won in my day were a ham sandwiches and a bottle of fanta.

The country is fucked


I’ll take a PM


We are just jealous really.


You should have one.


I’m proud of my member but I wouldn’t be in a rush to get him out in front of the lads. :see_no_evil:


Yeah I would have loved to … absolutely loved to …have won a County Intermediate Hurling Championship,

I wouldn’t however like to be that lad in the images. His mother will beat the head off him for that carry on whereas his ould fella will beat him for not letting him in on the action.


I’ve seen enough


Oh I think I saw this yesterday. Social media is ruining many a young lad and young lass in this country with fuckers and their phones out when they shouldn’t be.