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they way oireland is going, you’ll have cunts out videoing car crash victims and people dying in the streets of heart attacks, instead of trying to help them, the country is fucked, the young people have no mroal compass, its going to take a savage war or natural disaster to get ride of most of them


You’d never get that sort of behavior on the main land






How very twee




Wrong thread Mickee…There are various threads where it might fit…

Edit…fit isn’t the appropriate word. Lets try be accommodated. The Ravenous thread mar sampla.


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He’ll struggle to run that one off.




A bit of water and sponge will sort that out.


poor fucker nearly lost his leg over it. Severed an artery and they had to surgically remove veins from his other leg to replace the artery in the damaged leg. looks like he wont lose his leg now, but I’d say any chance of ever playing again are fairly slim. horrendous injury.

should have done more S&C :smiley:


Why is Benzema in the crowd?


It looks horrendous in the picture.


UCC hurlers training 1984


Johnno, Nickey, Kammy, Phil Lynnott. Don’t recognise anyone else.


Mike Quaid from Ballingarry .


A dinger