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“keep going lads, he can’t eat all of ye”


When you can see a shark you’re ok, bro…It’s when you can no longer see the fucker, then it’s time to shit yourself…

Mad bastards getting into the water on that side of the country…


I’d say there were a lot of PBs that day.


Shark adjusted times will have to be applied


saw the story, happened a few weeks ago. It was around the 12km point in the race, but more the mid to tail end of racers. the winning time broke 4 hours which was a new record for it, but he was well away at that stage. A guy who set a butterfly record of something over 7 hours was one of the first to see the shark. In the same race, a team boat that follows swimmers to offer support or rescue ended up capsizing and people had to be rescued off it.


I wouldn’t want to be flailing around butterflying with a shark in the water :flushed:
Also swimming butterfly for 7 hours!!! Is that even possible? He must have shoulders made of fucking granite


7 hours and 20 minutes. and he plans to do a longer race soon too.


You’d wonder what sort of a fucking eejit would swim 20km.


The same sort of eejits who run marathons, and ultramarathons and hell and backs, etc etfc.


Narcissists one and all


Often types that didn’t play sport when they should have .


Yes. That would be my experience also.


The home situation must be pretty grim with these lads.



Hickey’s mother will be raging



They’re ridiculous boots for a ref to be wearing. Notions


Is the ref smoking a joint?


It would be some joint. Either a cig or a pen in his hand?