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Once, one of the top sprinters in the world, Chataqua clearly does not give one fuck anymore.


Wrong thread i’d say, bud… this is for sporting pictures —


After the fortune you made last week *sigh


You’re mixing me up with another Robert Emmet i’d say.



Must have been tough to watch for lads like that who were forced out by the IRFU — would he have started ?


Looks like he’s fallen out of love with the game.


Is he claiming a horse cares about horse racing? Ah stop.


He’s worried about his knees and the damage the firm ground is doing to them.


If he keeps doing that at start lines, he won’t have them to worry about much longer


It’s his mojo mate.

Owner Ruper Leigh said the outcome was disappointing for all involved and an attempt to win a fourth T.J Smith Stakes had been shelved.

“The TJ is definitely off the agenda. He’ll be going to the paddock,” Leigh said on RSN 927.

“The most important thing is to get his mojo back. It’s a bad habit that we have to get out of his head.”


Send him to Cullentra






That picture would have made a great “spot the ball” pic back in the day


Humiliation for @thedancingbaby who said there was nobody behind the goal.


Looks like it’s going a mile wide.


There’s rumours the Clare camp are going to appeal the result. cc @Joe_Player


Fair play to Limerick time for Clare to focus on championship