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A great sporting video?


Some great players and great football there but you’ll have the Oirish still complaining that big jack’s teams only played hoofball


That’s the way things went I suppose.









Junior soccer, getting togged off in the car, dragging lads out of bed still drunk, playing on shit pitches in the middle of nowhere, drinking pints afterwards with muck caked on your legs


Quality of pitch has improved I see.


Sounds shite


Miserable, my post did come across all nostalgic but I didn’t last long at that shit



The gimp about 10 rows back in the blue jumper with his hold me back pose:grinning:


and that very gentile looking Asian lady flipping him the double bird.


This may very well be the great mans, last game, and last goal




I’m seething over that picture portraying the Desmond league in a negative light.
That’s ferry rangers home field, which while in the middle of the bog actually has an excellent playing surface. They did great work in raising the pitch above the bog, but the deceptive camera angle there really doesn’t do it justice.


Are you talking about the pitch now, or your man’s hair?


You need to revisit ireland. Every teenage boy has that same haircut. Same in my house


It’s about to come to an abrupt end… new style on the way.