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Lookalikes Thread
Lookalikes Thread

None of that blacklivesmatter nonsense back then


John Power :clap:


I expected the lookalikes thread to be bumped by now, the possibilities are endless there


He hasn’t aged a day.


A legend.

He look about 49 years old in his mid 20s and hasn’t changed since.


jesus, the collective heads on the cunts.


What a man, if we could only rare them all like him


Still fit as a fiddle and tough as nails… I


Who’s number 8?


Eddie Keher


The years have been good to him, but he suffers from heavy balls syndrome and requires a hurl to rest them on for 10 minutes ever hour.


Michael Rice


Hickey still looks like he’s made of granite. Rice is a nice lad and all but is well out of his league in that photo of legends.


Well when Padraic Maher decides to cleave your hand in half, consider it cleaved and your career shortened greatly (although tbf, he had many an injury problem. Class hurler though)


All Ireland medals from left to right.

9 - 5 - 8 - 4

Rice is up there with the best of them.


Ah I didn’t mean to denigrate Rice. He was very good alright. But the other 3, especially Hickey and DJ, are stone cold legends.


Hickey was only a gurrier, Power was a proper legend


Hickey was a proper full back . I wish we had him in limerick .


He never touched a ball in the 07 AIF but he made sure Begley didn’t either. That was his job.