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Sure everybody knows Flatty.


That’s a 12% gradient FYI.


Oh! Well that changes everything so :joy:


It fucking does if you’re cycling up it alright.


I should really have posted it in the weather thread though.


You should join the tfk strava group


That’s the strava of the lad I was with. I’m. Not on strava. I was fucked utterly after it, dizzy every time I stood up, and had to sit down in the shower. I do think I got sunstroke or something. First thing I thought when I woke this morning was that I wish I hadn’t been drinking last night as I was hungover, then I remembered that I wasn’t drinking last night, so maybe I wasn’t right, but I felt OK til I got home. Couldn’t get off the couch for the afternoon. Just had two cans and feel a bit better now.
That giro stage was really enjoyable.
What did you make of domoulin losing the rag with the chasing group when they wouldn’t drag him back up?
Do you think Yates has enough?


How hot was it?

Yeah i think Yates has enough, he’s the class of the field.


Only about 24. I’ve cycled a further in hotter. I can’t figure it at all.
I’d like to see Yates win it. That was a brave attack today. I love a double hit, like sastres on the alpe in that move that won him the tour.


Iniesta stayed on the pitch till 1am in his bare feet after his final game for Barcelona. A joy to watch.


What a self indulgent little prick, keeping the stadium staff at work until 1.30am because he wouldn’t fuck off home. Joe Canning will surely take note to replicate it later this summer.


Due to the shortage of tinfoil during the week, some Tipp fans were reduced to bringing bananas instead


@iron_mike. You’re considerably better than that, are you tired ? Lonely ? Do you need to talk.


Jesus fucking Christ, what a cock
I’ve lost a lot of respect for him just now


Very tired at the moment Brimmer. The driving is crippling at the moment


+1. @iron_mike is generally a quality poster but there’s no need for the aul tinfoil jibes.


I’d day he has all his old programmes with the score tables neatly filled in. A transistor radio at his ear throughout the match.


A good salt of the earth Gaa grass roots supporter, being blackguarded for eating a healthy snack at a match. Where will it all end.


This could be our only victory this year. Ye have to give me this week at least


He was seen folding up the banana skin after Limerick scored the goal